Prof. Patricia Burkhardt-Holm, PhD


Our societies have to face a multitude of existing and upcoming challenges in the field of environment and energy. To tackle those challenges, it takes experts who are able to think across boundaries and in multiple dimensions. This is why I took strong interest in the development of a specialized masters programme, the master in sustainable development (MSD), which is designed to train those experts.
As a member of an interdisciplinary association of professors (Gruppe 2004 – Hochschule neu denken) I actively participate in the present discussion about the future roles of University.


My research interest focuses on fish as indicators for environmental health. At the moment, I am particularly interested in the effects of chemicals which influence the hormone balance of fish. As a whole, I aim to contribute to a better understanding of the intricate relations between fish and their environment. Only if we understand those connections, we can use the resource water sustainably.


Prof. Dr.
Patricia Holm

Program MSE
University of Basel

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