Priscilla Carrillo Barragán

Post-Doc / Assistent
Environmental Scientist – Microbiologist

Programm MGU
Universität Basel
Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel
+41 61 207 04 07


Research priorities

  • Microbial colonisation of plastic waste
  • Global change
  • Molecular microbiology
  • Waste valorisation and sustainability


  • Carrillo-Barragan P., Fitzsimmons, C., Lloyd-Hartley, H., Tinlin-MacKenzie, A., Scott, L. C., and Heather Sugden. 2024. Fifty-year study of microplastics ingested by zooplankton in the central-west North Sea. Environmental Pollution.
  • Carrillo-Barragan P., Sugden, H., Scott, C., and Clare Fitzsimmon. 2022. Enzymatic digestion method development for long-term stored chitinaceous planktonic samples Marine Pollution Bulletin.
  • Carrillo-Barragán, P., Dolfing, J., Sallis, P., and Neil Gray. 2021. The Stability of Ethanol Production from Organic Waste by a Mixed Culture Depends on Inoculum Transfer Time. Biochemical Engineering Journal.
  • Weston, J. N.J., Carrillo-Barragán, P., Linley, T. D., et. al. 2021. New Species of Eurythenes from Hadal Depths of the Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean (Crustacea: Amphipoda). Zootaxa.
  • Carrillo-Barragan, P., Bowler, B., Dolfing, J., Sallis, P., and Neil Gray. 2020. Enrichment and Characterisation of a Mixed-Source Ethanologenic Community Degrading the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste under Minimal Environmental Control. Frontiers in Microbiology.

Professional experience

I am an Environmental scientist committed to taking care of this planet through research and education. My work focuses on generating insights for understanding, predicting, managing, and mitigating pollution in both natural and urban environments through the study and application of Microbiology.

My academic journey has comprised a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Biology from UNAM, Mexico, followed by a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and a Doctorate in Environmental Science (integrated), both earned at Newcastle University, UK. Additionally, I have undertaken research visits to esteemed institutions across the globe, including Canada's University of Alberta (2010), Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology (2018), the UK's Marine Biological Association (2020), and Viet Nam's Phenikaa University (2022). These diverse professional and personal experiences, including a memorable encounter with Sir David Attenborough, have shaped my work, fostering a transdisciplinary approach.

My projects integrate knowledge and techniques from Environmental and Applied Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Analytical Chemistry, and Environmental Engineering. Specifically, my research questions are directed towards “little things” of enormous importance. For instance:

  1. Investigating the relationships between microorganisms and the processes that they mediate,
  2. the impacts of pollutants in the environment, and
  3. the interplay between anthropogenic inputs and microorganisms.

Additionally, I am deeply committed to science communication, finding joy in teaching and embracing the role of a lifelong learner.


20721-01 - Ecosystems - Concepts, Principles and Processes

48955-01 - Seminar: Tools and Methods of Natural Sciences Research

To the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.

William Blake

Personal information

I am in awe of this planet and always curious about it, hence choosing to dedicate my career to its care. I enjoy good food (vegetarian) and a cup of tea (or several). I relax practicing yoga, I love running, and find multi-day walks to be revitalising. I’m always excited about traveling, dancing, and chatting with friends.