Antonietta Di Giulio, Dr.

Senior researcher, leader RG Id/Td

Research Group Inter-/Transdisciplinarity
(RG Id/Td)

_Dep. of Social Sciences | Social Transitions Research Group (STR)
_Dep. of Environmental Sciences | Program Man-Society-Environment (MGU)

Postal address:
University of Basel
Rheinsprung 21
+41 61 207 04 12


Research interests

  • Inter- and transdisciplinarity in research:
    Challenges and requirements; process design in projects and project groups; quality and evaluation
  • Inter- and transdisciplinarity in teaching:
    Imparting competencies for inter- and transdisciplinary work; general propaedeutics of science (human and natural) (allgemeine Wissenschaftspropädeutik); curriculum development (higher education); quality and evaluation
  • Sustainability:
    The idea of sustainability; education and sustainable development; the good life and the concept of needs; sustainable consumption
  • Research Group Inter-/Transdisciplinarity


Professional experience


Leading a research group; initiating, acquiring and leading research projects (9 projects with more than CHF 200’000 third-party funding; roughly 20 research projects with a smaller amount of third-party funding); managing research projects and project groups; promoting young researchers; designing and organising conferences and workshops


Designing and delivering seminars and lectures at all levels of higher education (alone or team teaching; Universities Bern, Fribourg, Lüneburg, Munich and Bochum as well as PH FHNW and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art); assessing students; designing (in terms of content and methods) and supervising degree courses; establishing and maintaining offerings of further training (Universities Bern, Lüneburg, Munich, PH FHNW and on behalf of DFG, BMBF and other organisations)


Consulting institutions, organisations and projects on questions about inter- and transdisciplinarity and curriculum development


Co-leading of an interdisciplinary university institute; personnel planning and personnel management; coordinating and supervising processes concerning the running of degree courses; supervising course guidance and marketing of degree courses

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