Lea Masserey

Master student

Programm MGU
Universität Basel
Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel

+41 61 207 04 21


    • Studies “Master of Science in Sustainable Development”
      University of Basel (CH)
    • Completed degree “Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Information-/Communication sciences”
      University of Neuchâtel (CH)

    Main tasks

    • Master Thesis in the field microplastics in the Southern Ocean
    • Member of the Fachgruppe MSD

    Professional experience

    So far, I have evolved in diverse working fields, fostering my interest for interdisciplinarity. I completed a Bachelor Degree in Geography and Information-/Communication Sciences at the Université de Neuchâtel and Freie Universität Berlin, which gave me a foundation to understand the environment and its interactions with human beings. My enrolment in the Master Degree in Sustainable Development now helps me develop a scientific and critical perspective on current sustainability issues. I choose to focus on aquatic ecosystems, relating them to anthropogenic pollution through my master thesis, where I investigate microplastics in Antarctic fishes. This project is supported by the knowledge gained during a mobility semester at University of Tasmania, a gateway to the Antarctic continent.


    La vie, ce n’est pas d’attendre que les orages passent, c’est d’apprendre comment danser sous la pluie.


    Personal information

    As a kid, I had wished I could become a professional dancer or an explorer. Next to the wonder that nature inspires me, dance and movement has always brought me the balance I need in my life. I am also motivated by a curiosity of getting to know the world around me, and the variety it holds. Although the world is not to be discovered anymore, it needs to be preserved. Through my experiences abroad (volunteering and studying), I have understood that nothing can ever be taken for granted, but with commitment and perseverance, we can create something better for tomorrow.