Degree Programs

>> Master in Sustainable Development

Together with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Science offers the interdisciplinary master's degree in Sustainable Development (MSD). Successful completion of the MSD program requires 120 ECTS which can be completed in 2 years (full time). For more information see the MSD website and the MSD Student Network. The aim of the master's degree program is to confront students with the diverse dimensions of environmental issues from societal, scientific and economic approaches.

The MSD focuses on the interrelationship between the use of natural resources and the development of society in the context of environmental responsibiliy, economic productivity and social solidarity.

By teaching students how to evaluate, manage and implement matters of sustainability, this master’s degree program is cultivating future decision makers in research, politics, economy and society. Students are expected to be prepared for a complex, interdisciplinary work environment.

>> Transfaculty Program "Sustainable Development"

This program encompasses a range of interdisciplinary lectures in sustainability. It is thought to complement the individual main degree program in the context of those credit points open for free choice.